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Designer Wooden Box in mahogany 16 mm

  • Delivery time: 4-10 working days
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    Designer Wooden Box in mahogany 16 mm

    Gorgeous wooden box in mahogany.

    The box is made of untreated mahogany veneer glued to an MDF board, with a mahogany front edge. All joints are made with a 45 degree oblique cut, and assembled without the use of visible screws on the sides. The back plate is a black untreated MDF board.

    Suspension brackets are not included, but since the entire box is made of MDF boards, it is easy to drill and screw into.

    We recommend treating the wooden box with either varnish or oil, as untreated surfaces are more susceptible to dirt and grime.

    You can create gorgeous shelving systems with veneered wooden boxes in different sizes and dimensions. Your mind’s the limit!

    All measurements are external measurements.

    Important. Look at the picture for how we define height / length / width in your order.

    Plate thickness is 16 mm.

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