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Loose laminate sheets for those who prefer saving money and do-it-yourself projects. Laminate is produced from compressed paper materials as well as décor paper. The top layer is a protective layer, which makes it very resistant and easy to clean. Laminate can be used for many things such as tabletops, kitchens, bathrooms, sculleries, and as surfaces for chairs and bookshelves. Laminate is convenient, inexpensive and easy to maintain. Cleaning laminate requires nothing but a moist cloth and a standard all purpose cleaner. Furthermore, laminate can withstand heat up to 180 degrees Celsius. The laminate sheets are delivered right to your door. The laminate is glued onto a chipboard or plywood board.

Standard:strong> Standard laminate is 0.7 mm with décor paper placed on a brown wooden core.
FENIX laminate: Special laminate with unique features: scratch resistant, dismissive to fingerprints, trendy matt colours.
Full gloss laminate: Wear-resistant and hygienic laminate. With a fine full gloss that makes it resistant to stains.
Solid coloured: Solid coloured laminate, where the exclusive colours go all the way through.
Wooden texture: Resistant laminate with natural wooden texture to create a timeless element in your home.