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Wood boards and wood boxes for private and business has the largest online selection of wooden boards, cut in the measurements you want. We sell MDF sheets in various colours, the very popular OSB sheets, chip sheets and many others on measure. It can be very difficult to get a small MDF sheet for a shelving unit, or similar. Usually it will be necessary to buy a whole MF sheet, or a whole chip sheet in a DIY retailer to get the small sheet you need, but at you can have the sheet in the exact measure you want. It’s easy to order: Go to the product you want, pick the depth and plug in your measures. You’ll get a price right away and be able to add that product to your basket. In 4-10 weekdays you’ll receive the product.

Wood boards

We have a wide selection wooden boards, all of which are cut the in the measures you want. We have the classic MDF sheet in black and in the white as a good hobby sheet, when building shelving units and closets. An MDF sheet is paintable, because it’s tight in the wood structure. We also have chip sheets and the very popular OSB sheets, with the unique coarse wood structure. If you’re making a white closet or shelving unit, it would be ideal to buy our chip sheet with white melamine on the sides. Furthermore, we have two different kinds of plywood: The coarse plywood made of pinewood, and the plywood made of birchwood build in multiple layers and tighter in structure. You can see all the wooden sheets that can be cut on measure here.

Wood boxes

We make wooden boxes in the measures you want. We offer wooden boxes in OSB, MDF, chip sheets and plywood. Our wooden boxes are glued and pinned with small nails, to make them long-lasting. Especially the OSB boxes are popular. See the different boxes that can be purchased on measure, here.

Window sills

We offer window sills in laminate. We have multiple colours that can be cut in the measures you want. It’s possible to get pipping, if some of the endings are visible. See the different window thresholds on measure, here.

Trailer bottom

Original trailer bottoms are often very expensive. We offer trailer bottoms in a smooth or granulated and more non-slip versions. We can cut the bottoms in the measures you want, no matter the type of Variant or Brenderup trailer you have. Just measure the bottom of the trailer and we’ll make a new one for you. You do need to drill the holes yourself though. See the trailer bottoms for Variant and Brenderup here.


We have an extensive range of accessories. We have paint, oil and varnish for the wooden sheets. We deal TT Woodcare products, which are some of the best on the market. You can see our wood oil and wood varnish here. We also have wooden plugs to cover screws, in many different wood species.

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