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Terms and conditions

  1. Personal data protection
  2. Log statistics
  3. Order
  4. Payment
  5. Delivery
  6. Right of cancellation
  7. Claim
  8. Right to complain
  9. E-marketing
  10. Contact information
  11. Standard regret form

Current terms and conditions are valid for all shopping on done via

1. Personal data protection We only obtain personal information in connection to a purchase on our online shop with the intentions of delivery. This is about the following information’:

  • CVR-number – If you are a company
  • Name
  • Address
  • Postal code
  • City
  • Phone number
  • E-mail

This information will be registered at and saved for 5 years, afterwards the information will be deleted according to the Danish Bookkeeping Act. The collected information is only used in relation to our financial statement, since Skat can demand to see the documentation for our billing. When the personal information is collected via our website, we always secure that this only happens by your explicit approval, so that you inform us with the exact information that is collected and why. The director and the employees at can access the information that is registered about you. The data control for is done by HM Group Denmark A/S.

The data responsible at is HM Group Denmark A/S. Information submitted to is not passed on, or sold to a third part in any way, and we do not register any private information. All the acquired information is obtained unencrypted in the business database and we do not transmit customer information encrypted.

When the data is inserted in the database this happens via an SSL-encrypted line. When registered at HM Group Danmark A/S you always have the right to make a demurrer against the registering. You also have the right to see what information they have on you. You have these rights through the Personal Data Law and an enquiry in relation to this should be addressed to HM Group Danmark A/S via e-mail ( If you have any questions in regards to our data policy, please contact on phone number: 020 3868 71 22

2. Log statistics
The log statistics is used on and means that a statistic system obtains information which can give a statistical picture on how many visitors a website has, where they come from, which part of the website this is left etc. On the log statistics are used with the purpose to optimize the website and its functionality, as well as increasing the user friendliness.

We do not register any information about you or any other customer that can be traced to a physical persons, if it’s not regarding sale from our online store. See the personal data protection above. As registered at you always have the right to demurrer against the registration and you have the right to gain insight in which information that is registered about you. You have these rights from The Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data and an enquiry on this matter should be directed to via e-mail:

On we use cookies with the purpose of optimizing the website and its functionality and thereby making the visit as easy as possible for you. You can at anytime delete cookies from your computer, how depends on your browser.

3. Order
You can order goods from directly from the homepage. If you have any questions about the goods that are not found on the site, you are welcome to contact us. You must be 18 years old before you can shop on – if you are under 18 years old, you must have an approval from your parents. A purchase can always be cancelled by a parent, if it turns out that it is made by a child or someone under 18 years old.

When you have made your order via the above, you will be registered as a customer in our database. All prices on the website are indicated incl. VAT and in GBP. All prices on the website are indicated incl all levies and duties etc. The prices are day prices. When you trade with you enter agreements on english. If you want to receive a copy of your order confirmation, you can login on the website or send an e-mail to This is the buying process via our online shop:

  1. The wanted goods are added to the shopping basket
  2. When the wanted goods are in the shopping basket press the button "Check-out"
  3. Check-out (Complete order): Then you will be asked to enter your contact and delivery information.
  4. Choose method of payment and shipping.
  5. Enter your credit card information.
  6. Approve your order by marking: "I approve the terms and conditions" and press on the button "Complete the order".

If the payment was completed without any errors you will get an e-mail with your order confirmation. If the payment was not completed you will be presented to an error message and you can press on the button "Return" to try again.

When the payment is completed successfully you will receive an e-mail on the address entered earlier. Immediately after the completed purchase, you will receive your order confirmation. If you do not receive the order confirmation via e-mail you can contact either by, or via the phone number 020 3868 71 22. All deals will be made in English.

4. Payment
If you are paying with a debit card you are secured against abuse. You have the possibility to reject a payment when you receive your payment overview. As a rule of thumb, you have no excess in case your cart is being abused in an internet store that is using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in the payment system. In our e-shop you can pay with Dankort, e-Dankort, Mastercard, EUROcard, VISA and VISAelectron, Maestro. does not demand a fee when paying with Debet or Credit cards.

You can also pay via bank transfer (N.b! by bank transfer you are not protected by the demurrer agreement). We send your goods as soon as the payment is received. Send and e-mail to; if you want to use this solution. Data you send in relation to a purchase payed with a credit card is encrypted (SSL) and it is only PBS/Nets there can read them. Neither or others have the possibility to read the data. The amount of money for the purchase is withdrawn when the goods are shipped from When paying with a bank transfer the good will be send when the payment is registered. There can never be a withdrawal of a higher amount of money than you have approved.

5. Delivery
The delivery is done by DHL Express or DHL Freight depending on the size of the product. The delivery only includes the product found in the order confirmation. The delivery time is 4-10 weekdays for products on When ordering two or more products, the delivery might be split into two or more deliveries. The split delivery will not cause additional cost for the customer. In case of visible damages, misdelivery or complaints, it is very important to mention this to the carrier/post so it can be added to the consignment note.

It is therefore always a good idea to inspect the goods delivered. If possible, take a digital photo of the damage(s) on the delivery and send it to with the following information: the delivery day, time and a description of the damage. To get you product(s) delivered you must pay for shipping. The shipping price is from £9,90 and up to £34,90 depending on the product. The shipping price will show once the product is added to the basket.

6. Right of cancellation
You have 14 days to invoke the right of cancellation when making a purchase on The right of cancellation expires 14 days after the day you; a) recieve your product b) recieve the last product you ordered, when the order contains more than one product, and when they are delivered seperately c) recieve tha last consigment, or the last part, when dealing with an order of multiple consigments or parts.

You have 14 days to give us notice, if you want to invoke the right of cancellation. The notice must be made by sending an e-mail to or call us on 20 3868 71 22. In your message you must make it clear that you want to invoke the right of cancellation. You can also choose to use our standard regret form and send it per e-mail. You will find it with the order confirmation and in the bottom of this document. You cannot regret the purchase simply by refusing to recieve the product. You have give us notice as well.

You must return your order to us without unnecessary delay and no later than 14 days after you have given us notice of the return. You must defray all the direct expenses in relation to return shipping of the product(s). When returning the product(s) you are responsible for the product(s) packaging. You cary the risk of the product from the time of delivery.

Products not covered by the right of cancellation
The following produduct types are not covered by the right of cancellation:
1. Products that are delivered custom-made or have clear signs of usage.
2. Products bought in special measures are therefore not covered by the right of cancellation. For instance, it could be all wooden boards cut to size.

You are responsible for any deterioration that may have happened due to use of the product in a way it is not supposed to be used. In other words, you can use the product in the same way as in a store. If the product is used beyond this description, we consider it used, which means that in case you regret your purchase, you only recieve a part or none of the amount you payed, depending on the products value in a re-sale. Therefore, to recieve a full refund you can only use the product like you would in a store, i.e not really use it.

Return payment of the purchase
If you regret your purchase you will be returned the amount that you payed us. In case of a depreciation in the product value that you are responsible for, the amount will be taken from your refund. If you use your right of cancellation we will refund all payments recieved from you, including shipping cost (all though not any extra costs that might be connected to your own choice of shipping if it is more expensive than the cheapest method), without unnecessary delay and without exception no later than 14 days after you have given notice that invoke your right of cancellation.

We use the same method of payment in your refund as the one you used for the original payment, unless you explicitly asked for other arrangements. We can withhold the refund until we have recieved the products, unless you before hand have shown documentation of its return. If you regret your purchase, the product must be shippet to the manufacturer. Contact us to get the right address.

Please note that the product is shipped straight from the manufacturer and therfore often needs to be returned to that address. The customer transaction will be quicker if you contact us before you ship the product(s), so that we can inform you of the right address.

What should I include in the return shipment? You should include a copy of the order confirmation. The customer transaction is also quicker if you use our standard regret form. Please note we do not accept packages on COD.

7. Claim
According to the law of purchase there is a 24 month right of claim on all products. The right of claim means that you have a claim in case of flaws and deficiencies on the product in the first 24 months after your purchase. There is a requisite that these flaws and deficiencies are not a result of: misuse of the product, or other damaging actions on your behalf. If the product is subject to a flaw or deficiency, you can either have the product; fixed, exchanged, fully refunded or a partial refund of your money and keep the product, depending on the specific case. cannot be held responsible for de- or reinstallation of sold products. You must make your claim within reasonable time after ascertaining the flaw or deficiency. If you make your claim within 2 months, your claim will be considered in time. We will refund fair shipping costs that you might have in connection to the return of the product, when the claim is valid.

We refund shipping costs within reason
If your claim is valid, we will refund you shipping costs, within reason. The product is shipped directly to the manufacturer, so please contact us for the right address.

Please note that the product is shipped straight from the manufacturer and therfore often needs to be returned to that address. The customer transaction will be quicker if you contact us before you ship the product(s), so that we can inform you of the right address. We require the following information when you ship something to us:

When you return the product, we request that you inform us of the problem in as much detail as possible. Remember that the product always should be shipped in a secure way, and remember to get a receipt for shipment so we can make a refund for your shipping costs. Please note! We do not recieve products on COD or similar. In case of visible damage or misdeliveries we recommend that you point this out to the carrier, so that it can be added to the consignment note. It is always a good idea to check the product upon delivery. Please have in mind that a margin of 2 mm in length and width should be tolerated.

8. Access to complaint
If you wish to complain about your purchase, please direct your enquiry to

You will find the complaint portal here:

9. E-marketing
No e-mail adverts, news releases, or similar are distributed to the customer unless they have actively signed up for it.

10. Responsibility and reservations
All buildings are different, and there are different reservations and requisites for any new development. That is why all installation guides, both written and verbal, are only guiding. It is your own responsibility to confer with a construction adviser. reserve the right to refuse an order, for instance in case of a discontinued product, price error and other situations where reasonable sense should be cause of this. Furthermore, we reserve the right to refuse an order where the size could result in a disproportionately large loss of materials. You will as a customer always be made aware of any refusal.

11. Contact information (HM Group Denmark A/S)
Havnevej 12B
9560 Hadsund
Phone number: 020 3868 71 22
CVR: 30527615

Standard cancellation form

(This form is only filled out and returned if the right of cancellation is valid) - To, Havnevej 12B, 9560 Hadsund. Tlf. 020 3868 71 22, E-mail: - I/we (*) hereby announce that I/we (*) wish to use our right of cancellation in relation mine/our (*) sales contract on the following products (*)/delivery of the following services (*) - ordered on (*)/recieved the (*) - Customer's name (Costumers' names) - Customer's address (Customers' address) - Customer's signature (Customers' signatures) (Only if the content of the form is on paper) - Date (*) The non-relevant is crossed.