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Grey TBS MH Screws 4.5 x 45 mm TX25 - 50 pcs.

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Grey TBS MH Screws 4.5 x 45 mm TX25 - 50 pcs.

Grey TBS MH TX25 RAL 7005 screws for mounting acoustic panels.

Acoustic panels can be used on ceilings as well as walls. It is recommended to mount the panels on joists with thickness of 45 mm and with a maximum distance of 600 mm between them. However, the panels can also be attached directly to the wall.

The screws are placed between the strips through the non-woven fabric. A minimum of 15 screws should be used for fastening
with flat head per panel of 60 x 240 cm.

Screw size at least ø 3.5 x 35 mm.

Product: 4.5 x 45 mm screws
Quantity: 50 pcs.
Range: Approx. 3.3 panel (approx. 15 screws per panel)

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