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Laminate and lino adhesive/glue - Aqua Contact - 288 1ltr.

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Laminate and lino adhesive/glue - Aqua Contact - 288 1ltr.

Strong and fast curing water based contact adhesive.
Suitable for laminate and linoleum, flooring and wall coverings, vinyl, wood, cardboard, and certain types of plastic.

The adhesive is based on strengthened neoprene rubber and the texture makes it is very easy to apply.

The adhesive cures almost immediately but obtains its full strength after a couple of days.

Colour: White
Cure time: 30 minutes to 1 hour
Application temperature: 18 - 30 °C
Tools: brush, roller or a toothed scraper

Instructions for use


Make sure that the surfaces are clean, dry and completely free of grease, dust etc.

Stir the glue and apply a thin, even layer on both surfaces using either a brush, a roller or a toothed scraper. Leave the materials to dry. The drying time is approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the room temperature, ventilation etc. If you want to reduce the drying time, you may use a heater.

The materials must then be assembled. It is important that this is done very carefully, since adjustment is not possible.

Press the materials firmly with a veneer hammer or a rubber roller in order to secure complete contact between the two surfaces. Pay special attention to edges and joints. A few seconds in a cold press is also a very efficient solution.

By turnings at 90 degrees, it is recommended to heat up the external side of the coating and pull the coating while it is pressed firmly against and over the bend. If there is not enough pressure around the bend, bulges may occur. You can smoothe out bulges by heating the coating, thereby reactivating the glue. Then press the coating against the surface with a veneer hammer in order to secure complete contact.

The adhesive is thermoplastic, i.e. strength is reduced with increasing temperatures. The temperature resistance is -30 °C til +80 °C, depending on strength requirements. The glue is also moisture resistant.

Product information PDF >> Click here.
Safety Datasheet PDF >> Click here.

Product information og Safety Datasheet