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Laminate cleaner 250 ml + cloth and melamine sponge

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Laminate cleaner 250 ml + cloth and melamine sponge
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Laminate cleaner 250 ml + cloth and melamine sponge

Set for cleaning laminate worktops and laminate surfaces.

Basic cleaning of all types of laminate
Proceed as follows:
• Spray the laminate cleaner over the surface. Ready to use, do not dilute.
• Moisten the melamine sponge and spread the laminate cleaner on the entire sheet and let it work in for approx. 1 minute.
• Wash thoroughly with a microfiber cloth with clean, lukewarm water.
• NB! It is important that all of the Laminate Cleaner is rinsed away.
• Wipe off with a dry cloth.
Then the laminate surface should be completely clean. In some cases, however, it may be necessary to repeat the process.

Daily cleaning of all types of laminate
For daily maintenance, use a microfiber cloth and lukewarm water, if necessary with a little universal detergent. We recommend avoiding the use of washing-up liquid for daily cleaning as it leaves a film on the surface.

The melamine sponge has a light abrasive effect and can be used for hard and smooth surfaces - it should not be used for high-gloss, polished, lacquered or stainless surfaces. Avoid letting the laminate cleaner come into contact with aluminum. Abrasive cleaning agents, such as scouring powder or corrosive cleaning agents, must not be used.