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Servicekit for acoustic panels 500 ml

  • Delivery time: 4-10 working days
Servicekit for acoustic panels 500 ml
Color of oil
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Servicekit for acoustic panels 500 ml

This service kit with oil has been developed for the treatment of acoustic panels. The set consists of 500 ml of oil (choose a color in the menu), gloves, cloths and roller set.

Can be used on all common types of wood. For indoor use only.

5 - 6 panels of 2400 x 600 mm

Instructions for use:
1. Shake the oil thoroughly before applying.
2. Apply a thin layer of oil with a roller, the whole panel is oiled at once.
3. Wipe off the oil thoroughly afterwards.
4. If you would like the panel to be darker in colour, the oiling process can be repeated several times, although the layer of oil applied first must be left to dry for approx. 45 min before the next layer is applied and wiped thoroughly.

- Oil-soaked cloths can ignite spontaneously. Therefore, it is recommended that gloves, cloths, sponges etc. are placed in an airtight container after use.
- Always use lint-free cotton cloths to clean oiled surfaces
- Soft soap ruins oily and painted surfaces.