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Shelf in pine plywood bevelled edge

  • Delivery time: 4-10 working days
  •  Shelf plywood pine slope
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    Shelf in pine plywood bevelled edge

    Shelf in pine plywood with great bevelled edges cut to your measurements.

    Plywood shelf in pine. A plywood shelf in pine is, as the name suggests, made up of several thin layers of pine that lie on top of each other, so the wood grain changes for each layer. This makes for a stable shelf and gives a nice look to the edge. A plywood shelf is easy to saw, screw, glue and mill in, and is used for many DO-IT-YOURSELF purposes.

    The bevelled edge gives the shelf a nice light look. You can choose which edges should have the bevelled edge and which should not. Simply deselect the edge on the sketch. Edges without the bevelled edge will be sharp and unsanded.

    The edges of a plywood shelf can have small openings, which can be spackled if you want a smooth sanded surface.

    The plywood shelf has a rough surface on both sides. The sorting is B / BB.
    B: Excellent quality. Plugs / patching allowed to some extent.
    BB: Healthy knots / repairs and colour defects allowed.

    The wood grain on the shelf is in the longitudinal direction.

    Available in several thicknesses.

    The shelf is untreated, and therefore needs either varnish, soap or oil.

    Our plywood shelves in pine are cut from FSC ® certified pine wood.

    The shelf calculator itself takes into account how many bearers are to be used depending on the shelf thickness. The thicker the shelf, the fewer shelf brackets. The number of recommended shelf carriers is only indicative, should the shelf carry a large weight, additional supports may be necessary. In addition, the nature of the wall also determines how much the shelf can be affected by weight.

    Make sure that the shelf is adequately supported. How much depends on the thickness and shelf size, as well as how much load the shelf is exposed to. If the shelf starts to bend, more support is needed.

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