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Stain Remover for Oak 0.25 l

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Stain Remover for Oak 0.25 l

Stain Remover for Oak effectively neutralizes and dissolves black stains caused by water and tannins.

- Ready for use
- Neutralizes black stains
- Works without having to grind the surface or rub the liquid into the wood
- Primarily for oil-, wax- or soap treated surfaces
- Treatment after use required

Range: Approx. 1 m2
Colour: Clear
Duration before effect (at 20 degrees): 30-60min
Tool: Cloth

User Guide

1. Spray Stain Remover for Oak directly onto the stain in an even layer.

2. Allow the product to soak in for 30-60 minutes in order to dissolve the stain.

3. Wipe off with a cloth wrung in tepid water.

4. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

5. When the surface is completely dry, it should be retreated with the original surface treatment, e.g. oil, wax or soap to rebuild protection of the surface.