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Universal Quick Filler, Ardex R4 Rapid.

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Universal Quick Filler, Ardex R4 Rapid.

Ardex R4 Rapid is a brilliant rapid repairing filler that binds to a variety of surfaces.
Ardex R4 Rapid can be used to spackle, offset transitions and jointings, as well as to fill, form and sand within few hours.

Dries rapidly and is quickly ready for further processing
Ready for paint and adhesive after only 60 minutes.
Binds without priming on almost all ordinary underlay
Suitable for both floors and walls
Fills holes, cracks, crevices, transitions and jointings.
Can be used for spackling as precise as 0mm and up to 10 mm
Easy to sand
Pure white colour.

Content: 2.5 litres powder for mixing in water.
Mixing proportions: 0.4 litres water for 1 kg powder.

Watch video on how to use Ardex R4 Rapid