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Wood cleaner 1 l

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Wood cleaner 1 l

For cleaning lye, soap and oil treated and lacquered wooden surfaces including particularly difficult stains. Trip Trap Wood Cleaner is also effective for cleaning untreated wooden ceilings, panels, etc.

- For untreated, oiled and soap treated surfaces indoor
- Efficient basic cleaning and removal of dirt
- Opens the wood

Range: 100-200m2
Colour: Uncoloured
Drying time (at 20 degrees): approx.2-8 hours depending on the following treatment
Tools: Two buckets, mop, Doodlebug or scrub and cloth

User Guide

1. Depending on the degree of dirt covering the surface, 1/4 to 1/2 litre of Trip Trap Wood Cleaner is mixed with 10 litres of hot water.
2. Use Trip Trap Wood Cleaner as when you ordinarily wash your floor. It is recommended that you work with two buckets, one to wring out the mop, the other for the Wood Cleaner mix.
3. Allow the mix to soak in for 5 minutes before you wash again with clean water.
4. Trip Trap Wood Cleaner leaves the surface without protection, making after-treatment necessary after washing.

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