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Wood glue D3 Outdoor

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Wood glue D3 Outdoor

Rapidly hardening and moisture-resistant PVAc glue with high strength. Suitable for furniture in wet rooms, frame wood, countertops etc.

Efficient all-round glue for both indoor and outdoor glueing.

Indoor with frequent short term effects of water or high humidity.

Outdoor protected from the weather. E.g. furniture in wet rooms, countertops and wood exposed to high humidity.

Colour: white
Press time: 5-6min
Finished hardening: (at 20 degrees): approx. 6-8 hours
Tool: brush

User Guide

Bonding Surfaces

The surfaces to be glued must be flat and fit well together. The wood must be clean, dry and free of dust, oil and all else before the glue is applied. It is recommended that the wood is glued on the same day that is has been cut / treated in order to avoid polluting the surfaces. A rapid test can be performed to examine the surface. Place one drop of water on the surface that is to be glued. If the drop lies as a pearl on the surface, the surface must be cleaned or sanded. If drops spread out over the surface, it is ready for glueing.

Applying Glue

The glue should be applied in a homogeneous and even layer, e.g. with a brush. The amount of glue depends on the suction capability, but is typically 100-250 g/m3. Normally, the glue is only applied to the one surface, but when gluing hard and difficult wood types it is recommended to apply glue to both surfaces and increase the waiting time together with the press time. As a rule of thumb, the amount of glue is sufficient when glue pearls appear in the jointing when pressing.