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Black smooth edging with adhesive 32 mm

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Black smooth edging with adhesive 32 mm

Black, completely smooth laminate edging with a width of 32mm.

Laminate edging is a somewhat stronger solution than melamine edging. It does not crack as easily as melamine, and therefore gives the sheet better edge protection.

The edging has a completely smooth surface, and does not have the granulated texture that the melamine edging has.

The edging gives your sheet a nice finished look, and closes the sides and ends so that the chipboard core is concealed. This makes the edge surface smooth and easy to clean, preventing chips or things getting caught.

It is supplied with glue on the back, so simply needs to be ironed onto the edge with a regular iron - however, the steam must be turned off and the heat set to medium.

Always position the edging so that there is a slight overhang on both sides for the best result. Carefully remove the excess edge with a recessing machine, chisel or sharp stanley knife, and sand with fine sandpaper if necessary, e.g. grain 180.

Thickness: 1.0mm
Width: 32mm
Max length in one piece 200,000mm. (200 meters)
Minimum purchase 1000mm. (1 meter)