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Boat Varnish 0.75 l - Satin

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Boat Varnish 0.75 l - Satin

Trip Trap Boat Varnish is used for lacquering outdoor and indoor woodwork such as railings, staircases, doorsteps, woodwork on boats (above water), tables, shelving units etc.

- Provides a nice and strong surface
- Water- and dirt-repelling
- Merges well, high elasticity
- Easy application
- Can be used both indoor and outdoor

Range: 6-8m2
Colour: Uncoloured, satin gloss 90
Drying time (at 20 degrees): approx.12 hours
Tool: brush or varnishing roll

User Guide


1. Previously treated wood is sanded down until it is clean. At the beginning, the old varnish surface is sanded down with sandpaper grit 36. Gradually the grit size of the sandpaper is increased and the sanding is finished with sandpaper grit 120.
2. The sanded surface is cleaned indoor with Trip Trap Wood Cleaner. Outdoor Trip Trap Furniture Cleaning is used.
3. Before lacquering the surface must be completely dry and absolutely free of dust from sanding. Use a vacuum cleaner or a firmly wrung out cloth.
4. The varnish is thoroughly stirred before and during use. Use gloves when working with Boat Varnish.
5. The varnish is applied with a brush or roll (2-5 mm) in a thin even coating.
6. Leave the lacquer to dry until the day after, at least 12 hours.
7. Intermediate sanding with grit 150-180. The surface is thoroughly cleaned of dust from sanding with vacuum cleaner or firmly wrung out cloth.
8. Another varnish coating is applied.
9. Repeat steps 6-8 at least twice or more, depending on the required finishing result. The more sanding and coating, the more durability is obtained.
10. Commissioning can take place after 24 hours. Hardenend through within one week.


1. The untreated surface is cleaned with Trip Trap Wood Cleaner. For outdoor use, use Trip Trap Furniture and Terrace Cleaning. Perform sanding with grit 120 until the wood is fresh before lacquering the surface.
2. Follow steps 3-10 in the section Previously Treated Surfaces.
The surface is cleaned with Trip Trap Varnish Soap. Follow the user guide on the product.

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