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Decorative Teak Laminate 4.6 mm

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  •  dekorativ krydsfiner Teak
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    Decorative Teak Laminate 4.6 mm

    Decorative plywood cut to your decorative plywood cut to your required measurements.

    Decorative teak plywood sheet. A teak plywood sheet constructed of several thin intersecting layers. Decorative teak plywood has a nice grain structure on the front laminate and offers a nice alternative to solid wood.

    A plywood sheet is easy to saw, screw, glue and cut, and is used for many DIY purposes such as construction of furniture, etc.

    The plywood sheet has been sanded on both sides.

    The grain structure of the sheet is longitudinal.

    The laminate is untreated, and must therefore be treated with either varnish, soap or oil.

    The laminate layer is 0.6 mm thick.

    Available in 4.6 mm thickness.

    All plywood sheets are cut with a circular saw.

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