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Formica Solid Colour Laminate - Diamond Black

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    Formica Solid Colour Laminate - Diamond Black

    Solid colour laminate sheets cut to your required measurements.

    Colour: Diamond Black

    Lovely, matt laminate

    Solid colour

    Withstands daily wear and tear

    Exceptional strength

    Sustainable and eco-friendly

    Formica solid colour laminate is 1,3 mm thick and very durable. Very suitable for tabletops, sales stands, doors, fronts, worktop surfaces, and similar surfaces which are exposed to daily wear and tear.

    The solid colour ensures that there will be no visible brown edges on the laminate sheet.

    The laminate sheet has a lovely matt colour which reduces the visibility of scratches on the surface.

    The laminate is glued on to a wood board or something similar and may be applied both vertically and horizontally.

    The solid colour laminate sheet is easy to saw and mill. We recommend that you use regular wood milling tools, like for instance a circular saw.

    Daily cleaning is super easy. Use a moist cloth and a neutral all purpose cleaner.

    How to apply Formica Solid Colour Laminate

    When applying the laminate on a wood board, for instance, we recommend that you use DanAtac Aqua Contact 288, which is an easy-to-work-with, water based contact glue.

    Apply the glue on the laminate sheet using a brush. Leave to dry for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

    Afterwards, place the laminate sheet on the wood board - carefully, since later adjustment will be impossible.

    Use a rubber roller or a veneer hammer to firmly press the surfaces together in order to obtain complete contact.

    Finally, give the adhesive time to cure. The adhesive cures immediately but only reaches its full strength after a couple of days.

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