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Linoleum pin board - Mushroom Medley

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    Linoleum pin board - Mushroom Medley

    Linoleum pin board cut to your required measurements.

    Note: Linoleum may be delivered in measurements exceeding the ordered - easy to cut with a sharp hobby knife.

    Ideal for DIY projects.

    Colour: Mushroom




    Naturally hygienic

    This soundproof linoleum is 6 mm thick and it is ideal as both pin board / bulletin board and as partition wall / room separator.

    Practical and clever solution for kids' rooms as well as offices, when you need to collect information and keep track of ideas.

    The lino material is made from linseed oil, pine resin, cork, and colour pigments, which ensures a sustainable, eco-friendly product with a nice elasticity and a unique durability.

    Besides being practical, the linoleum bulletin board is also very decorative, and you can choose both colour and shape since the material is super easy to cut.


    Directly on the wall

    The lino pin board can be applied directly on the wall or on surfaces like for example wood boards.

    When applying the linoleum pin board directly on the wall, you want to make sure that it is flat, clean, and dry. You can also apply the pin board on concrete walls, cement walls, drywalls, and wood material such as fiberboards, plywood, MDF, and HDF. Any cracks or holes need to be grinded or filled before application.

    Use a regular contact glue for the application.

    On surfaces

    When applying the linoleum pin board on surfaces, you need to make sure that the surface is flat, clean, and dry.

    We recommend that you use the Aqua Contact glue and apply the glue with a putty knife. Cut the pin board and make sure to leave 2 cm additional material on all sides. Press the pin board firmly against the surface using a roller or a press. Leave the glue to dry and then cut or mill the edges.

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