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Marble-colour laminate window sill with rounded front edge

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Marble-colour laminate window sill with rounded front edge
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Grooved back edge
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Marble-colour laminate window sill with rounded front edge

23 mm window base in marble-colour laminate with rounded front edge.

The window sill is cut to size with any cut-outs at each end to fit your window exactly.

The window base consists of chipboard covered with high-pressure laminate. Laminate is lightfast and resistant to impact, scratches and abrasion.

The ideal choice for all window areas - hygienic and easy to maintain. The surface has no dirt and dust traps and is thus also suitable for children's rooms and other places with high hygiene requirements.

The front edge is rounded and smooth to the touch. There is edge banding on the ends, but there is no edge banding in the cut-outs and on the back edge.

Thickness: 23mm

Installation: The attachment of the bottom piece can be done with silicone, which can be bought in any hardware store.

Optionally, we can cut a 10 x 10 mm tongue (tenon) in the rear edge of the window base to fit into the groove if you have one on your window. 10 x 10 mm is a standard size that fits the vast majority of windows, but if you have other measurements, please contact us.
Remember to include the tongue (tenon) in the overall width of the base.

We recommend making each cut approx. 2mm larger to make sure the bottom piece fits. The gap can then be grouted.

NB: The cutouts have an internal radius of 6 mm due to the milling tool.

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