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Smoked Oak Laminate MDF

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    Smoked Oak Laminate MDF

    MDF board with smoked oak laminate cut to your required measurements.

    Nice smoked oak laminate glued onto an MDF board. There is smoked oak laminate on both sides. An MDF board with a smoked oak grain structure is an extremely inexpensive alternative to a solid wooden board made from smoked oak. In addition, an MDF board is dimensionally very stable.

    The grain structure is always longitudinal.

    Smoked oak appears when oak wood is affected by ammonia vapor. The tannins are affected by this and the oak wood becomes dark.
    It is an ancient method that has been resumed over the previous years and it is now the natural colour, so there will be no colour bleeding.

    There is no smoked oak laminate on the edges. If however, you select the option "Edge Banding mounted", wood-shop will mount edge banding on all four edges. You can also purchase separate edge banding and glue it onto the board yourself. See related products.

    The laminate is untreated and should be treated with varnish, soap or oil.

    The laminate layer is 0.6 mm thick.

    Available in multiple thicknesses.

    All MDF boards are cut with a circular saw.

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