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Stone Acoustic panel - Stone slate Indian Autumn 60 x 240 cm

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Weight: 10 Kg.
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Stone Acoustic panel - Stone slate Indian Autumn 60 x 240 cm

Acoustic panels with stone slate Indian Autumn

Sound-absorbing ceiling or wall covering

Super nice stone surface with overlapping pattern

These very special acoustic panels have slats made of black MDF with attached stone slate from the Himalayas. The stone surface gives a unique look with a stunning contrast against the black background. These panels are recommended to be installed in pairs, as the structure runs on 2 panels. After that, the structure will be different.

Acoustic panels reduce noise. Acoustic panels can be used as wall cladding and ceiling cladding and can also be partitioned. As well as reducing noise and improving acoustics, acoustic panels are an elegant and highly contemporary design element that creates a cosy, warm atmosphere

Acoustic panels are produced using 9 mm absorbent polyester, of which at least 50% of the felt is made from recycled plastic bottles. The 9mm sound-absorbing felt is covered with MDF slats. The slats are approximately 1.3 cm deep and 3.2 cm wide with a distance of 1.4 cm between each slat.

Installation instructions can be found under information.
The acoustic panels can be easily cut. Use common tools for woodworking. A fine-toothed saw gives the best result.

NB: The sound absorbent is 100% polyester, 100% recyclable, rigid, moisture resistant as well as asthma- and allergy friendly.

- Length: 240 cm
- Width: 60 cm
- Weight: 12.3 kg
- The total thickness is 2.2 cm.

Installation instructions